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Facebook is the most populous social media platform around the world. Accompanied with its sophisticated social media advertising network, Facebook advertising opens the door for marketers in reaching 4.66+ billion digital users worldwide.


  Exhaustive Brand Audit
  My Marketing Fox comprehensive audit lays the groundwork for positioning your brand, identifying your target audience, and ensuring consistency across your Facebook inbound and outbound digital advertising strategies.
  Creative Facebook Video & Media Mix
My Marketing Fox deeply understands creativity reigns supreme on Facebook. With our global design team, scroll-stopping, engaging rich medias are created to capture audience attention and help your brand become instantly more competitive on Facebook, accordingly, boosting sales.
  Facebook Page Management
My Marketing Fox  manages your entire Facebook account, handles everything from planning ultra-  targeted campaigns to creating optimized copies based on brand or product uniqueness. All you have to do is to sit back and enjoy the marketing efficacy gained.
  Facebook Performance Reporting
     With advanced technology in monitoring, tracking, analysing and forecasting, My Marketing Fox specialists provide in-depth, charted reports of your Facebook advertising performance regularly to take your marketing performance to the next level.

Innovation and Technology

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Team Working in Glass Partitioned Office

10+ Years’ Social Media Marketing Expertise

My Marketing Fox has rich experience assisting clients across industries, e.g. ecommerce, finance, gaming, travel, FMCG etc., in developing efficient social media marketing campaigns and expanding social media presence. Services by our social media specialists are highly recognized all over the world.


Localized Context in Feeds & Creatives

With localized creative talents across Asia, My Marketing Fox tailors material with the latest trends to assure your Facebook ad content perfectly engages with local audience. No matter where your company is from, My Marketing Fox offers multi-language support serving wide prospect to lead you towards success.

Work Desk

Self-Developed Technology Propels Performance

Along with our big data and AI technology, we leverage specific targeting capabilities and discover enticing keywords to develop your most effective campaign strategy, guaranteeing raised conversions and ROI. Your Facebook advertising will definitely excel on the platform.

Let Facebook Marketing help your business take flight.

My Marketing Fox Singapore has helped multiple businesses achieve their online marketing goals and drive remarkable results for their campaigns since 2010. With a holistic approach towards Facebook Marketing and driven by results, we’ve helped them to build their business online through brand awareness on Facebook, generate qualified leads that convert into sales and improve social engagement by creating quality content that relates to the right audience.


Our integrated model brings together the power of marketing smarts you need to make the right strategic decisions and avoid random acts of marketing on Facebook.

Data marketing

Everything we do is driven by data, from understanding audiences at a human level to measuring and optimising every business outcome on Facebook.


Our award-winning creative team leverages strategic insights to deliver breakthrough work that makes a measurable impact.


We help leaders create Change that Matters through meaningful growth transformations so that companies can deliver substantial value today and tomorrow.

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