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Beginner Steps to SEO - Types of Keywords Strategies (Chapter 4)

As we all know, one of the Key Factors to succeed in Search engine ranking and Search engine optimization is to optimise your contents with relevant hot Keywords. 

There are mainly 3 types of Keywords that commonly used among all SEO Experts: General Keyword, Specific Keyword, Long-tail Keyword.

So what is the difference?

1. Generic Keyword - Short Keyword that is being widely search in search engine. It is in either 1 or 2 words that directly relate to a certain name or brand. Due to the competitive nature of the keyword, it generally takes longer time to rank up in Search engines. For example, My Marketing Fox

2. Specific Keywords - Keywords with more specific information. Usually from 3 to 4 words long. It takes in more information to describe the details of the generic Keyword. Though they are less popular than the previous type, the click through rate and conversion rate are generally higher. For example, My Marketing Fox SEO Agency

3. Long-tailed Keywords - Keywords with detailed descriptions. This type of keywords are usually formed by questions or very specific type of queries that user would like to find out. The traffic of this type of keywords is relatively Low as comparing to the first 2 types. However, the conversion rate of this strategy is also one of the highest among all types.

For example, How much My Marketing Fox charge for SEO Service?  There is no absolute answer to Which is the best strategy to use when coming to SEO, the answer is always “depends on the nature of the products and your market”. Having different Keywords strategies used together can achieve the most marvellous result you can expect.

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