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How to Optimize Your YouTube Channel

YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine, offering your company unprecedented access to a massive audience of potential customers. Optimizing your videos for search engine optimization (SEO), however, is critical to attracting your audience and earning their support.

optimise youtube channel

Here are the Tips how you can do it:

1. Research and Find Your Keyword

A lot of content-based marketers make the mistake of thinking that when video is involved, the way they use their text is less important. Just like you would find a keyword for optimizing your blog posts for SEO, you need to have a clear keyword for your video content. This is literally the cornerstone of your strategy when it comes to how to do SEO for YouTube successfully.

Use Google Trends’ YouTube Search feature: Google Trends will show you which searches are popular and allow you to check on YouTube’s platform.

2. Add Your Keyword to Your Video Title

Once you have your keyword in place and your video is recorded, you’re now ready to start optimizing with a few YouTube SEO best practices.

Let’s begin with the title. Directly after your video downloads, you’ll have the chance to give it a name.

Here are a few ways to find a keyword:

Use YouTube’s autosuggest: Type in the basic subject of your content and see what comes up. These are suggestions that people are actively searching for on YouTube.

3. Optimize Your Descriptions

Your Video descriptions are as important as your video titles.

To ensure that your descriptions show off the best qualities in your videos, your agency will optimize your description for your targeted keywords and ensure that it’s long and attractive enough for users.

They will also make sure that all the small details are squared away, like your keyword appearing within the first 25 words of your description.

4. Optimize Your Tags

In YouTube, when you post a video, you can add tags. Tags help users that have never heard of you find you — they’re similar to hashtags on Instagram.

Typically, you should ensure that your first tag is the keyword you’re trying to rank for ultimately. Then, you’ll include different variations of that keyword, and some general umbrella terms for the topic you’re covering.

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