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5 Powerful E-Commerce Solutions for Your Online Business - All About Ecommerce SEO

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1. eCommerce Keyword Optimization

The first thing you should do is optimize your website pages using highly targeted keywords. They should be relevant to your business niche and bring in organic traffic from the SERPs. Google’s Adwords tool or Moz’s keyword tool can suggest some good keywords for you.

You can use them, but avoid keywords that are highly-competitive or are too broad. You have to be very specific. Moz suggests:

“The remaining 70% lie in what’s called the ‘long tail’ of search. The long tail contains hundreds of millions of unique searches that might be conducted a few times in any given day, but, when taken together, they comprise the majority of the world’s demand for information through search engines.”

With this piece of information in mind, go for long-tail keywords. After you have used and exhausted this list of long-tail keywords, you can go on and use low-volume keywords on other pages or blogposts.

2. Research Competitors

Believe it or not, keyword research does half the job for you. Now you have to wear your investigator hat and analyze the strategies your competitors are using.

When thinking about competitors, think about all possible businesses (websites) that may be talking about your products or services. This could include industry blogs and other websites that may not even sell the product. These websites can be competition OR sometimes they can be an opportunity for you to contribute content to in exchange for a product shout out.

3. Create Important Links

Make a list of places your competitors get their inbound links from. Linking is very important, but it is necessary to link to and get linked from credible websites. Once you have that list, you can also attempt to get linked to these websites.

Check out the Spam score of these sites and see if a website has high spam score. Delete those sites from your list, because they will not make your eCommerce store look good in front of the SERPs. Google can suspect that a bad site is linking to you, so be aware and choose wisely.

4. Usability & Mobile Optimization

Usability is something which can make or break your e-commerce business. If your site visitors are happy, you will get a boost in SEO. Great usability means repeated visitors, which equals a credible position from Google rankings. If you have confusion about the usability of your site, you can run usability tests to determine if the site elements are working smoothly.

Another big factor which directly improves usability is mobile optimization. Your website should be optimized for mobile because it is unavoidable now. Mobile shopping is the new hot trend and you have to provide this ease to your potential customers.

These stats will convince you:

31% of mobile Internet users “mostly” go online using their phones (Pew, 2012)
61% of customers who visit a mobile unfriendly site are likely to go to a competitor’s site (IAB)
Small screens and difficult checkouts are the biggest reasons behind cart abandonment in e-commerce. However, with phablets and other large-screen gadgets, it is expected that mobile optimization will have a key role in the advancement of e-commerce businesses.

5. Blogging

When you find out the keywords related to your business, there might be some that will get lost due to the more important keywords. While it is good to optimize your pages with one keyword, a blog can host keywords which can’t make it to the main site.

With blog posts and other blog content, you can optimize your blog pages for other keywords per post. A blog is a casual part of business, but isn’t entirely out of touch from the main site. eCommerce websites can use their blogs to explain their business strategy, share stories and create how-to articles to help users. You can either do it yourself or hire a professional writer who has a lot of experience at blog writing and understands how to use SEO keywords in articles.

Integrate your blog link with your website so that it is visible to the audience on your main website and the two sites complement each other. Another great option is an e-book. It can be either written from scratch or be a compilation of effective posts you have posted over time. Avoid keyword stuffing in these posts, since they invite a penalty from Google.

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