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5 Reasons why Businesses should focus more on SEO during Covid19

As COVID-19 is changing the entire world, many companies are trying to replace with new marketing strategies. Even though SEO is an crucial part of digital marketing tactics, some businesses are considering adjusting their efforts on it. Here are the 5 Reasons:

1. People are Hungry For Information

Since COVID-19 is keeping millions of people isolated, content is becoming omnipotent. The demand for high-quality content is higher than ever. That’s why you need to invest more time in the content component of the SEO.

Right now is the perfect time to get high rankings because people are searching for information more often than they used to. Your potential clients are likely to have more time to surf the web because they are staying at home.

It’s possible to minimize content marketing investments by reforming and reusing the old content. You can turn blog posts into eBooks, articles into webinars, and much more. Consider seeking out old content and updating it.

2. Competitors Aren’t Backing Down

You must realise that hardly all your competitors plan to quit their SEO efforts due to the current situation. Many of them will take the opportunity to climb higher and get better rankings.

By standing down right now, you are giving the competition a head start. By the time everything goes back to normal, and you resume your SEO efforts, they’ll be far ahead.

It’s important not to become the company that panicked. Instead, be the company that takes full advantage of the situation. This way you can stay ahead of the competition.

3. SEO Target More Audience

Of course, the economic downturn may have hindered their buying abilities. However, the majority of them is still ready to take advantage of your services.

If you stop your SEO efforts, you aren’t just falling behind the competition, you are losing your existing clients. With 80% of your future business depending on 20% of existing clients, such a loss can be highly damaging.

4. SEO is a Continuous Process

Unlike PPC marketing, SEO is a continuous process. It starts showing results after some time. If not nurtured properly, it will stop working quickly.

You can’t just stop the work today and continue it in three months without losing everything you’ve achieved so far. All the money you’ve invested in the SEO strategy in the past month/year/decade will be gone in vain.

5. Your Business Still Need Money

Even though the times are tough, you don’t want to lose your business. Without a proper marketing effort, it’s impossible to stay afloat. Marketing drives sales. Sales turn into cash.

Stopping your marketing efforts means giving up on your business entirely. You may have a tough time recovering it once COVID-19’s hold on the planet weakens.


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