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Beginner Steps to SEO - A SEO Friendly Website Contents (Chapter 9)

Why content matters?

The new Google Algorithm role is trying to change the game of the results and focus more on the users’ experience - The Search Engine want your Website to be Relevant to what users search, such as What do users want? What are they searching for? What do they need? What is the context of their search? 

As a SEO specialist or Website Admin, keeping up with Search Engine algorithm and manage a Website with all these changes are the keys to rank in top positions even if that means to decipher the algorithms and patterns.

Google will NOT rank your Website up if your Content is irrelevant to the Keywords or Page Titles no matter how many Keywords you have stuffed together within the page. The Content Matters!

If you are serious about improving search engine ranking and website traffic or eager to find out more about SEO, HERE is where you can begin with.


SEO Resellers Singapore

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