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Types of Marketing Agencies - How to Choose the Right One

1. Advertising Agency

An Advertising agency is normally responsible for creating product and service campaigns that leave a lasting impression on consumers. They are dedicated to conceptualizing, ideating, planning, and creating multi-level marketing campaigns for different channels — from television, print, radio, to the cyber depths of the world wide web.

2. Creative Agency

Good design that speaks volumes. For most creative agencies, this is the ultimate philosophy that guides every work they do.

Digital marketing agencies provide companies the services — SEO content, Pay-per-click marketing and Social media ads — to scale and generate profit while letting business owners focus on what’s best: The growth of their brand and sales.

4. Media Agency

A media agency helps businesses strategize on when and where to advertise, allowing them to reach their intended market in an optimal and timely manner.

5. PR Agency

Public relations agencies promote companies through earned media. PR agencies still share the same goal as any marketing agency out there — promoting products, ideas, individuals and services that make an impact in people’s lives.


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