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Beginner Steps to SEO - What is Meta Title (Chapter 11)

A meta title (also called title tag) is an element in the head section of an HTML document that defines the title of each page of a website.

meta title
what is meta title

It is retrieved by web browsers and also used by search engines such as Google to display a webpage in search results (SERPs). Often the meta title is mistakenly categorized as a meta tag. However, this is not correct since it is a unique HTML element.

Relevance for SEO

Regarding the length of your meta titles, it will be ideal to keep it within 600pixels to display the meta title of a webpage in search results (Google recommended), which corresponds approximately to a length of 70 characters including the spaces. This number should not be exceeded since the title is otherwise cut off by Google. Optimally, the meta title should be kept in between 55 and 65 characters long.

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