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Incorporating Google Display Ads into your digital marketing strategy enables you to make sure that your product is being seen by your target audience, all the time.


My Marketing Fox comprehensive audit lays the groundwork for positioning your brand, identifying your target audience, and ensuring consistency across your Facebook inbound and outbound digital advertising strategies.

LinkedIn Ads Management


Generate new leads and build your online presence with World's largest B2B advertising platform. Reach out to the audience that matters most to your brand.

YouTube Ads Managemnt


Regardless of the industry, that wants to rise above your competition on YouTube, drive more traffic to your website, and even sell more products, it’s a great idea to invest in YouTube services.

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Why outsource your Google Ads Management to us?

Handling the processes of your own business and grasping the twist and turns of digital marketing prove to be no easy task. Focus on your own processes where you are an expert of and leave your digital marketing campaigns to us.

  • Leave the heavy lifting to our team of google ads experts, who are highly skilled and kept abreast with the latest best prices of Google Advertising.

  • As your extended marketing arm, you can now spend your time on other areas of the business by leaving your Google Advertising with us.

  • As a Premier Google Partner, we are always the first to pilot any new products or solutions in Google Ads. When you outsource your Google Ads Management to us, your business can stay ahead of your competitors by getting first hand knowledge and piloting any new products or solutions in Google Ads.

Singapore Best Ads Management Services :

Google Ads Services

                                                      Facebook Ads Management

                                                                                                                 LinkedIn Ads Management

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Solutions for every industry.

Ad Manager can help you manage your ad business and grow your revenue in any industry.

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Powerful tools to grow your business.


Ad Manager offers robust tools that scale to the needs of growing businesses. Take a look at our solutions and find the right fit for you.

Creates better user experiences and ad experiences

We restructured our clients' advertising tech setup and implemented Exchange Bidding to ensure that their ad experiences performed as effectively as their sites.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is often mixed up with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but there is a unique difference between the two. SEM is associated with SEO in such a way that both are digital marketing strategies to drive traffic visits from search engines such as Google and Bing. However, SEM usually requires businesses to allocate some spend budget to run search campaigns, while SEO involves optimizing the website to drive search traffic organically without additional spend.

Here, we focus on what works best – Google Ads. With a 96% market share of Singapore’s search engines, Google is where your audience is at. We have been a certified Google Partner company since 2014, and have handled over $4m of Google ad spend. Let us help you make your money grow.

SEM is also commonly known as paid search or PPC (pay per click), where businesses will only spend when visitors click on the ad. It is a quick to implement strategy for businesses to bid for keywords and show up their ads above their competitors, while SEO takes time to build up traffic organically via creating unique content.

Unlike offline marketing, Ads Management provides the transparency of the campaigns and ads with metrics like:

  • Impressions: refers to the number of times your ad shows up on a screen. This doesn’t imply that the person clicks on it.

  • Clicks: refers to the number of times your ad is being clicked on.

  • Cost per Click (CPC): refers to the average cost of each click that business have to pay for.

  • Conversion: refers to the defined action that businesses want to get visitors to do on their website, i.e. send an inquiry, make a purchase

  • Cost per Acquisition (CPA): sometimes known as Cost Per Lead (CPL), which refers to the cost to acquire a business lead. This metric is often used for B2B businesses to measure the efficiency in their spend budget to acquire leads. If the CPA is $7, this means the campaign is spending $7 to acquire each lead. Typically, the lower CPA, the better

  • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): refers to the ratio or percentage of revenue value delivered by the campaign to the ad spend. This is often used by B2C businesses to measure the direct ROI performance of the campaigns. If the ROAS is 200%, this means the campaign is spending $10 to deliver $20 of revenue value. The higher ROAS, the better.

We are proud to be Google Partner, with the specialization in Search & Display Advertising for Google Ads.

Why should you engage our Ads Management services?

We are an experienced team of SEM practitioners that offer paid search strategies dedicated to the digital marketing needs for global brands and small-medium businesses (SMBs/SMEs). We know it better than anyone when it comes to tailoring the search strategies for your industry, as well as to complement with your other marketing channels. Our professional team will enable you to attain your company goals by delivering on performance, and we pride ourselves on our transparency, there is no hidden information about our services.

Focus on Targeted Traffic

Unlike the conventional advertising strategy such as newspaper advertisements which involves payment to target readers that are not interested in your products or services, Our SEM services allows you to target customers that are searching for keywords which are related to your niche/business.

Quick and Reliable Results

With our SEM services, you will get your website to the first page of Google search results in less than 24 hours! As long as your ads fulfills the terms and conditions of Google. In most cases, it can be active on the same day and allows you to connect with your potential customers.



Affordable Services

Our SEM services will allow your advert campaign to be visible to customers that search your targeted keywords which are relevant to your business. Useful tip: You will only pay once they click on it.

SEM can allow you to create a maximum cost per click (this implies that you are willing to pay for each click) which manage your marketing budget. Also, it will help you to set a daily target to ensure that you don’t exceed your marketing budget limit.



Brand Awareness in Search Engines

Your ads to be shown on the search engine pages 24/7, or you can have the flexibility to show the ads on specific days or time of the week. We enable clients to target potential customers from around the world.

Server as Growth Partners

As an expert SEM company, partnering with us, we help to increase your business traffic, sales revenue and conversions rate.



Our Search Engine Marketing activities include:

Paid Search Marketing Strategy

We offer support by understanding your unique businesses values, goals and challenges. Following that, we will recommend the best strategic plan on using SEM to achieve your objectives.

SEM Campaign Management

Performing keyword research, structuring campaigns and budget allocation planning is our initial step to ensure the campaigns fulfill the digital marketing objectives. On-going SEM campaign optimization is our daily bread and butter to maximize the spending efficiency and deliver the best results.


SEM Audit

If you are unhappy with your current SEM performance, we can perform an audit on the campaigns to identify whether:

  • The media spending and campaign structures fulfill the marketing objectives;

  • You are targeting the right audiences;

  • Any opportunities that you have missed out;

  • List of action items & optimization strategies to spend effectively on the campaigns.

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