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SEO Services Pricing in Singapore for 2024

SEO Pricing in Singapore

About 75% of people who search online don’t look past the first page of the first results. This means that if you want more customers to find and contact your business, you need to rank in top search results for keywords and phrases related to your business. Research shows that the first page of organic search results has a 71% click-through rate (CTR), while pages two and three have a combined CTR of only 6% — a drastic decline.

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Moral of the story? The higher you rank in search results, the more people will find and visit your site. This means that you can reach more customers and earn more revenue for your business. In 2024, the cost of hiring an SEO company in Singapore can range from $400 /month to S$5,000/month or more. For hiring a SEO Specialist/Freelance can costs range from $200 to $3000/month depends on the experience and qualifications, also the size and complexity of your website.

How much should you spend on SEO services?

If you have an in-house team of marketers that you think can take on this role, go for it. Use our DIY-SEO article to help you get there. If you don’t have the budget for that, or rather work with an external agency, here’s what SEO packages look like:

Agencies often charge monthly retainers for SEO services and they usually expect a 6-month commitment. SEO cannot come cheap because of the resources needed to deliver a successful campaign, especially when it comes to building links. More importantly, the ROI on a successful campaign far exceeds most other marketing campaigns.

Do not jump into a contract just because of price as it is better to spend $6000 over six months and grow your business than to spend $3000 and have your business remain the same.

The amount you pay for SEO services will also depend on the size of your business, the extent of services you require and Types of the SEO Services you selected. While SEO costs vary from agency to agency, it’s important to remember that you often get what you pay for when it comes to SEO services. When choosing an SEO agency, don’t compromise quality for “cheap” SEO services.

Like many other professional services industries, ongoing consultation with an industry leader in SEO will be more expensive than with an inexperienced and unproven firm. In the end, your goals should determine precisely how much you should spend on SEO services. The bigger your website, the more extensive the SEO project will be. This means you should expect to pay more for SEO services. It’s also important to remember that SEO is an ongoing strategy. Instead of investing in one-time SEO strategies, you should think about a monthly SEO plan that will keep your site fresh and allow it to continually rank at the top of search results.

When getting a quote for SEO, one company may quote you $500/month for 20 keywords while the next company might quote you $3000 for 10 keywords.

The reason for the disparity is very often just you getting what you pay for. While it does not mean that a $3000/month package is definitely the one to go with, you can’t expect a company charging just $500/month to be allocating a lot of resources into getting you ranked.

We’ve had many clients come to us after working with other agencies and experiencing little to no improvements in their search engine rankings. Ironically, some of those agencies they were paying charged over a thousand dollars monthly. (With that being said, we don’t cost anywhere close to $3000 for 10 keywords. Read on, and we’ll get to that.)

The pricing for SEO services usually depends on the resources the company allocates to your website. It could be the workforce cost of the optimisation or the cost of buying links or maybe even outsourcing the entire link building. If the agency has an office, then they’ll probably pass that cost on to you too.

Can SEO Results on Google Position #1 be Guaranteed?

Answer : YES and NO

There is no surefire way to get a position number 1 ranking on Google even for the best SEO Companies in Singapore. However, targeting the right keywords and audience can significantly increase your chances. Follow that up by creating and promoting tons of well-optimized content, those top rankings could happen much sooner than you think.

Every business and website owner dreams of ranking number one on Google. The reasons are clear: reaching that top spot (or even one of the top three spots) would mean increased traffic to your site, visibility and the potential for sales to catapult your business ahead of the competition.

Ultimately a professional SEO agency should be able to guarantee a Page #1 instead of the Exact position on Search Engines.

Going Beyond Search

SEO is a continuous process that should be at the core of your digital marketing campaign. The ability of your website to consistently rank in the search engines depends largely on how you maintain your SEO activities and lead generations. As mentioned above, depending on the competition and industry, it might take more than 3 months or so to see the results of SEO. Hence, you should budget for a minimum 3-months commitment to the SEO contract with the agency or SEO Specialist.

SEO is an Asset

Being on the first page of Google is an asset that pays generously for as long as you own it. You will be getting traffic, leads and sales consistently when you’re up there. I’m speaking from experience.

SEO is cost-effective

Unlike advertising, you don’t have to spend thousands to tens of thousands to see results. Yes, there are costs involved in building quality backlinks and producing content, but it’s nothing like an advertising budget.

In advertising, you pay for impressions and clicks and once you stop paying, you’re immediately taken off the platform. When SEO is done right, even after you stop, you will continue to reap the rewards for a long time.

Is It Worth Spending On SEO & How Much Revenue does SEO Produce? It depends. There are small number of industries do not require SEO. There are products and services that people do not actively search for on Google.

SEO ROI can be very clearly measured. One of the primary results of SEO is that it makes your site more visible in the organic search results.

Over 50% of traffic around the web entered websites by clicking on them in the organic search results. That means that websites that have invested in SEO are getting over 50% of the total traffic across the Internet.

If your business can rank on the first page, they are seeing over 90% of that traffic. If you drill down into local search results or a niche market, the percentage is often even higher.

It would not really make any sense for you to perform SEO if nobody even bothers searching for products and services related to your industry on Google, would it?


Singapore SEO service pricing largely depends on the services offered by the company or agency. The top SEO companies offer inbound marketing techniques that include content creation, improving organic presence, content distribution, visual content, video tutorials, and more.

However, not all companies offer these services and it is up to you to decide on the best Singapore SEO service packages depending on your budget. Preferably, you ought to start with the basic services such as on-page optimisation, link building, and content creation, to name a few. You can then move to more complex services if your marketing budget allows.

Since the higher you rank in search results, the more people will find and visit your site. This means that you can reach more customers and earn more revenue for your business. It is important to perform your due diligence and check on whether people are searching for your product and service on the internet.


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